Mom's Never Emailed

Technology just isn't meant for some people. The other day I asked my mom if she knew how to email, knowing the answer I wasn't all that surprised. "No" she said. Oddly enough she does have an email address! But that was because my stepdad made her one so the school could send important updates regarding my little sister.

When I first think about my mom even attempting to send an email it makes me laugh, she just doesn't have the need and I actually respect that a lot. Not to mention, she has 4 kids and a wonderful husband who would send an email for her if she did end up needing to do so. 

What's even funnier is when I try to talk tech to her - she does a great job listening and trying to pretend to be interested until her face shows me that she's just completely lost lol, that's what moms are for right. I'm curious what would happen if one of us showed her how to access her email and compose one. Would she still find no need in it, or would she actually find it useful. 

She enjoys being outside planting flowers, or swimming, even when it's 100 plus degrees she'll sit outside on the patio for hours just enjoying the radio. There's no Amazon surfing or Facebook scrolling. She has done neither, literally ever. 

She does however, enjoy jamming out to youtube songs and house searching on the occasion. Short story point, the woman who raised me to be who I am is simply awesome, even if she doesn't enjoy technology like I do. :)