The Cloud...

It used to be so simple of a thought that it would normally just go in one ear and out the other before giving it the time of day. It used to be an item that we would shape creative characters, ships, pets, and buildings out of.  “Look in the cloud” used to mean physically move your head in an upwards motion and look in the sky.

Oh how the days have changed. The Cloud isn’t so simple anymore, in fact, it’s mysterious and ever-changing, evolving into something that is a world of its’ own. Yes. We are talking about the famous iCloud. Amidst the latest celebrity hacking scandal there’s only one thing to think about – what do you not want to be out there?

It’s easy to judge or play the blame game when a celebrity hack of this magnitude takes place, but the truth is they’re human just like me and you, the only difference is they get targeted much more frequently for these privacy hacks.

It’s unfortunate that these things happen, but isn’t technology always going to be hackable? It certainly appears that way. It doesn’t matter what special security features a program or service has, the potential for it to be hacked is always there. It’s a risk we’re willing to take most of the time. Let’s face it – there’s determined people out there.

The best solution is to just be careful and aware that anything is possible. I’d be willing to bet that a majority of those who were recently hacked of their photos weren’t even aware these images were in The Cloud. If they did happen to know that they were being digitally stored in this imaginary space then they probably trusted the service enough and didn’t think much about a massive security breach.

The only individual whose character should be judged right now is the person who revealed all these images – in efforts to gain monetary benefits. It’s a shame he/she doesn’t use their knowledge of internet security to hack something meanwhile or protect others from getting hacked. That too, however, is always going to continue in the realm of internet data and storage.