Organic Information Structure™

What is Organic Information Structure?

Explore this space freely in every direction and every dimension as if you are traveling through space and time, rather than being limited to scrolling up and down in a flat one dimensional space.

Just like the universe, there are no pre-defined structures. Organic Information Structures allows the individual building blocks, or individual pieces of information, to determine the shape of the structure, rather than allowing rigid, pre-defined structures to dictate how your information should be displayed and how you can access it.

Bottom line, our Organic Information Structure will allow us to create next generation digital experiences that are truly efficient, beautiful, and content-driven without the clutter that exists in traditional user interfaces we see everywhere today.

Use Cases

Organic Information Structure can be beneficial for applications that handle large amount of data with complex attributes, such as videos on Netflix, products on Amazon, photos/videos on Facebook.

Using Organic Information Structure, users will be able to see what's more popular, recent, and relevant all at once at a glance, rather than having to use a traditional sorting/filtering method which only allows you to view a single type of information at a time.

For example, if you search for videos on Netflix now, the results will appear in a grid view, and you can use a dropdown to sort them by "suggestions," "ratings," or "released time," but you CANNOT see those 3 types of information at the same time.

When you have tens of thousands of videos in your database, when your search query returns hundreds of results, but when only top 10 results may be relevant to you, wouldn't it be more beneficial for you to be able to quickly see other aspects of those top 10 items so you can easily compare and decide which video is the best option for you?

Or do you want to continue wasting your screen space by displaying more of less relevant items in a grid or list view and by having to switch back and forth between different sorting options to see what's more relevant, popular, and/or recent in order for you to decide which video to watch?

Example: "HAPY"–Live video chat


German Parliament, sponsored by German industry - German Design Award (2018):

  • Winner for Excellent Communications Design - Apps

International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences - Webby Awards (2017):

  • Honoree for Mobile Sites & Apps - Experimental & Innovation category

FastCompany - Innovation by Design Awards (2016):

  • Finalist for Experimental category
  • Honorable Mention for Apps category

Organic Information Structure Framework

Our latest framework will allow anyone to build their products using Organic Information Structure. If you are interested in learning more about the framework, contact us.