Employ or Be Employed

Well that sounds simple enough right? In a sense it is. You can either work for someone else like most of us, or you can work for yourself. If you’re like me then waking up every day Monday through Friday and being at the office from 8-5 isn’t exactly the appealing route. In fact, the routine of that, along with boring conference calls, and even more boring meetings just gets old. However, I’m super thankful to have a great job and actually really enjoy my job. Even better, is the team I work with, literally some of the funniest people I know.

It just isn’t my long term plan – and most people are well aware of this, even my employer knows. In fact, during my interview they asked me “So if this startup Gestures gets funded or becomes a huge company are you going to leave us” – and I said yes! Why in the world wouldn't I? Either I killed it in that interview or they just found me too damn interesting and honest to pass to not hire. Ha-ha.

But first of all, it’s important that work be fun. If you can’t enjoy what your job is then search for another one. The bills have to get paid so sometimes we take jobs that aren’t ideal or the dream ones but keep searching and getting out there and you’ll eventually land one that you love. I assure you. Network the heck out of yourself, join meetups that interest you, and don’t be afraid to ask someone for a job. There’s absolutely no shame in trying to better yourself. Lord knows I’ve done it several times and it’s landed me jobs. (Even the one I have now was through a lead from a friend)

Or you can take it a step further and go with that other option to work for yourself. Everyone has the right to be an entrepreneur and to pursue that right is perfectly acceptable. If you don’t like being managed with deadlines or projects, or if you just simply have a hard time keeping the excitement with a “regular” job then maybe it’s time to take that leap and give life a curveball of its’ own.

I suppose I can’t preach too much, though, since I am literally writing this blog while I sit in my corporate cubicle lol. I did end up finishing today’s projects so that should account for something right? I could honestly write all day long if they’d let me – just give me a topic and let me loose. I consider it “staying on top of my profession” you know, sort of like a NBA player needs to stay on top of shooting free throws.

I guess the moral of this wonderful piece of writing is to find a career path that excites you. Get out there and be courageous, what do you have to lose?