The NCJA Policy...

So I'd be willing to guess right about now many of you are questioning what the NCJA Policy is. Well, before I give up that vital piece of information, let me first ask, do you work or have you worked in a corporate setting? Keep in mind corporate doesn't have to mean 1,000 employees it could actually be any number, in my case and the office which I'm currently employed at, that number is 100 give or take a few. 

If the answer to my question is yes then you more than likely already have a mindset what it is I'm about to get into you just may not have realized it yet. This blog is of no particular nature, it's just me and my thoughts, and this policy is by all accounts FICTIONAL, meant to bring a little humor:) 

I've learned a few things about the corporate setting, some good some bad, some right some wrong, in any sense everything in life's a learning experience so it doesn't come to a shock for me that I've created what I believe is the best policy for a workplace - The NCJA Policy.

This four letter acronym should definitely be on every job posting and HR Board, however that clearly wouldn't be allowed lol. NCJA stands for No Corporate Jack Ass. That's right, I don't care if you're CEO or Office Assistant, no one likes a jack ass and no one likes to work with one either. We spend roughly 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, with the people we work with so it seems pretty plausible to me that we want to surround ourselves with respectful, generous, and caring individuals.

It amazes me to see how people think that because they go to Starbucks or happy hour with SVP's, a CEO, or the owner of a multi-million dollar business that they're automatically on a level of human superiority and can look down from their make believe pedestal to co-workers sitting a mere five feet away.

The thing is, success doesn't need a three letter abbreviation nor does it have to be based on a salary, or a three piece suit. Now don't get me wrong, my personal goals are set pretty high and I'd love to be a CEO or owner of a company but that's because I aim to be an entrepreneur not a kiss ass.

That said, let it be known, if Gestures Inc. reaches the level of success that we're currently hoping and working for, we will do our very best to keep out the CJA's and have one hell of an awesome place to work at!