I shared the wireframes of my camera app concept with my developer.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 9.23.59 AM.png

I thought I had it pretty tight and polished, but he pointed out some issues in the Gallery view.

I wanted the thumbnails in the gallery to extend beyond the screen edges and not be restricted by the screen size. So in order to do that, should I set the max number of columns in the gallery, or should I make it fluid and let the number of columns change based on the number of images in the gallery? I decided to go with the first option because it seemed a little less chaotic. If I'm wrong we will just try the other option. It's just the part of the process when you develop something that's outside the norm.

Also I had a gesture that allows users to tap two thumbnails at once to select all the thumbnails in between. If I tap two thumbnails in different rows, does it select all the thumbnails, even the ones outside the screen? I decided it makes sense to select all the thumbnails even when they are outside the screen. If users can instantly pinch in and out to see more or less thumbnails, having selected thumbnails off the screen shouldn't be a mystery... right? RIGHT?

This is how I see it. When you are exploring uncharted territory, the worst thing you can do is to do nothing and waste time. Just make the best judgement call and move on. If I'm right, it will be awesome. If it's a mistake, I'll find out sooner. If it's a fatal mistake that kills the project, well then... I guess I wasn't smart enough to see it coming, so I don't deserve to be successful at this shit.

I guess we will find out when the prototype comes out and test it.