I decided to go to a networking event called Digital Dallas:

Now that I have an Android developer working on my app, I thought I should probably go out there and get some investors and other developers to work on the iOS app. But I've never really been to these networking events before (I didn't even go to my high school reunion).

Once I got to there, I felt like a little kid who lost his mom at a mall... I just randomly walked around, grabbed anyone who looked like an investor or developer, and showed them my camera app concept video on a iPad mini:

I don't think I never talked so much in one day in my life...

But almost half way into the night, all I found were:

  • Bunch of business developers
  • Creeps hitting on my wife and walk away when they realize she was with me
  • Couple of students
  • One development firm owner

Then I saw this one guy who looked like an investor, but he was talking to another guy, so I waited for him for about 20 minutes. As soon as he finally finished talking and started walking away, I grabbed him, and I was ready to tell him all about my project.

Then all of a sudden, my wife brought a guy to talk to me. Then this guy and the investor guy started talking, and the investor guy's cab arrived, so he had to go...

I was so mad, but I didn't say anything because she was trying to help me. I was tired and bummed out. It sucked so bad โ€“ having to work up a courage to talk to complete strangers hoping that it won't be awkward, only to find out that it is awkward and that they can't wait to walk away from you...

On the other hand, my wife is a people magnet. People just come up to talk to her even though they have absolutely nothing in common with her, and one of them turned out to be VP of and an angel investor.

So I got excited and tried to talk to him about my idea, but my brain wasn't working anymore. I kept stuttering and could get the right words out of my mouth... I was just too tired. But he took pity on me and gave me his business card.

Sigh... I could really use a drink.