Big Design Presentation

I was invited to talk about the future of mobile design and interactions at a local conference. I checked out my presentation room before my session, and it looked pretty awesome. It looked like a college lecture hall.


In the waiting room, I ran into a guy name Brandon Oldenburg from Moon Bot Studio. At first, I didn't realize who he was, and then something clicked in my head. I realized he was the guy who produced the Chipotle game and animation that went viral. It was pretty awesome talking to him about his projects, and you wouldn't believe how humble he was.

Then my time came. I went into the room, waited for the previous presenter to pack things up, and waited for everyone to sit down. I felt like a professor in a class room. It was a pretty sweet feeling.

As I started to flip through the slides and talking, I noticed people smiling, nodding, taking pictures, and recording videos. Even when I noticed all these reactions, I didn't stutter or get distracted โ€“ I was on a roll. I don't think I've ever felt more confident while doing a presentation. 

When I mentioned that we are about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the GESTURES camera app and displayed the URL to our Kickstarter page, literally everyone in the audience started typing away to check out the URL.

After the presentation, a number of people came up to talk to me. Some people just wanted to complement me; some asked me to help them with their projects; and some gave me their business cards to contact them (Some of them were from Samsung and Microsoft.)

Overall, it was a pretty amazing and humbling experience. I hope I can do it just as well at the SXSW next year.