I met up with a pretty well known Angel investor in town today. I thought I had a pretty good business plan and revenue model figured out. I even had a prototype of the GESTURES camera app to show him, so I was pretty excited.

But as he asked more and more questions about the project, I was having trouble answering some of them and made me question things myself: 

  1. Even though GESTURES is an amazing and unique camera app that has potential to get millions of downloads, what stops other competitors from stealing our user interface?
  2. If we generate revenue by selling premium filters, how much would we be making a year?
  3. If we introduce new filters every season, what happens to the previous filters?
  4. If users decide to keep all of their previously purchased filters, will they end up having hundreds of filters?

Despite all these questions, he still seemed to like the project. I just had to come up with a better revenue model and plans to protect my intellectual assets.