Model Revolt

Rockin it at Pretty Night Out

If you haven't already seen from our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages, we had one heck of a time at the 1st ever "Pretty Night Out" modeling industry mixer hosted by Model Revolt. This is not your ordinary networking event where you have to sit there and listen to some Joe blow go on and on about how he can do this and that, or how connecting with such and such from this company is sure to boost your odds at success.

Gestures, Inc Team.jpg

Pretty Night Out is hosted for anyone in the modeling industry trying to get their name or work known to others, whether it's photographers, models, or agencies, all while having some drinks and taking some killer sick photos (see the 4 studs above - haha!) Gestures was lucky enough to be the sponsor for this epic, one of a kind event, and man were we happy. There was a crowd close to 300 for around 4 hours, and pictures in front of the new backdrop didn't stop for a minute. Needless to say, a professional 10X10 backdrop can easily give any event that nice "red carpet" touch especially when the hilariously funny and talented Jonah Gilmore is behind the camera.

But more importantly getting to sponsor the party helped us get our name out there and we were even able to install the beta-version of our Gestures Camera App on quite a few of the party-goers. We had our best week yet as far as traffic to our social sites and we couldn't be more thankful for those of you who are continuing to support us as we prepare for our official App Store Launch. Not to mention it was an all out blast sharing our app in front of so many people who hadn't yet seen it - and seeing their reactions to how awesome it is!

One more thing, to all you aspiring / established models and photographers it's time to check out Model Revolt if you haven't already. Their site isn't live yet (coming soon) but their Facebook page is and recently just passed 20,000 likes. Not too shabby at all for a startup company that hasn't even officially launched yet! This is sure to be the next big thing for the modeling industry, so you might as well hop on board.

Also, good news to all those who missed out, we'll be making #PNO a regular event so you can catch the next one soon. If you're in the industry or considering becoming a model / photographer swing by and get your meet and greet on!