Life Lesson Vol. 1

Life Lesson – Learn

It’s 3:04 P.M. – there’s not a lot going on in the office today so naturally I’m thinking of a few things, such as, how I’m starving and can’t wait to eat dinner (the banana and peanuts didn’t cut it for lunch), how I could be doing tons of stuff if I wasn’t here till five, and how I realized that I wasted a lot of time in my past not learning.

It never dawned on me how important learning was when I was younger because A.) I was stubborn and B.) I had no idea where I was heading. Now that I have truly found my passion I realize how I could have utilized all that time doing something towards the path I wanted my future to go. But that’s nothing unique, it takes everyone time to figure out the direction they want to shape their lives and the careers they want to pursue – in fact, some people never get that pinned down and end up settling or create a happiness that fits them.

There wasn’t a whole lot that I was sure of growing up but there was one thing, I knew that I would never settle for ordinary, I was going to use the creative mind I was gifted with (and so were you) and make something of my own. I always liked the idea of entrepreneurship and many times I thought I had great invention ideas (some not so bad either!) or the best businesses to start (can’t say any of these would have panned out), so it’s no surprise the life I’m headed towards is driving me down the road to entrepreneurship. It didn’t matter that the majority of these ideas would have ultimately been a bust, it only mattered that I was thinking out-of-the box and using that creativity.

I clearly remember staying up for hours just researching success stories about those young kids selling companies for millions of dollars and getting a level of inspiration that would never be matched. I knew there wasn’t going to be anything else out there that would interest me anymore than the Game of Entrepreneurship. The question is – why did it take me so long to realize this is where I wanted to be? Was it a fear of failure? Or Rejection? Who knows and more importantly who cares – those things don’t matter one bit when it comes to setting the pace of YOUR life.

It’s about getting yourself where you want to be in life so that you’re happy. This is what I’ve quickly learned at the ripe age of 26, learn everything you can. If there’s something out there that can help you in your path to success then do it. Don’t let the opportunity to learn something valuable pass you up because you don’t have the time or because you don’t see the benefit in it. I’m nowhere near where I plan to take my life, I still have a long way to go and that’s perfectly okay because I now know what it takes to get me there – a network of positive peers and a goal that I create. It’s also very nice to have a spouse that’s so supportive like the one I’m blessed to have.

So in a nutshell – give yourself the gift of knowledge and learn. It doesn’t matter what path you want to take for success as long as you get to where you want to be. A dream is something you encounter involuntary during the presence of sleep, so if you’re dream becomes a thought while awake then it’s not a dream at all anymore, it has already become a possible reality to pursue.