Welcome to Mobile Photography

Is there a better time to get motivated and start a new project than the month of January? We at Gestures certainly didn't think  so. Kicking off 2014, I'm pleased to be announcing that we're officially throwing ourselves into the ever-important blogging scene; this of course being our first ever blog I wanted to make it a little more personable by giving you some of my own story, thoughts, and ideas. I'll try and work these words magically as to not completely bore you away. :)

My name is Robert Villalobos, and I'm lucky enough to be the PR and Social Media guy over here at Gestures Inc. We're a brand new tech start-up, fresh out of the gates and looking to change the way everyone uses their mobile phones. We plan to do so by releasing a set of apps that are effortless, minimalistic, and truly engaging for users, not to mention designed absolutely beautifully, starting with our iOS camera app GESTURES. 

So how'd I get involved and what inspired me to join? Most people that know me, know I'm a huge technology lover, idealist, and invention dreamer (thanks to the likes of Shark Tank) in fact I always tell myself and others I went to school for the wrong industry. But then again being a public relations person landed me here, so like they say, it all works out in the end. I read about tech geniuses like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and even the oh so clever creator of "Million Dollar Homepage" Alex Tew pretty much on a daily occurrence - it just keeps my blood flowing hearing about all the exciting innovations and ideas out in the world.

A few months back I met up with Founder Sung Kim, to discuss what his company would be doing and if he needed some help. I had originally contacted him on CoFoundersLab after viewing one of the videos he put together called "The Next Mobile Experience" it had me thinking "wow this guy is brilliant". Short story, he offered me a spot on the team and I simply couldn't resist. Once I started playing with the test versions of GESTURES I knew I'd be sticking around for the long haul. 

It's also important for me to note that I enjoy practicing photography (I use the Nikon D3000) but really like Canon as well. That being said I'm no professional or amateur or remotely close actually, but I learned quite a bit of technique after a few college courses and really started to enjoy capturing, editing, and sharing my photos. Learning to grab and focus in on the small things in a frame taught me to look at the world differently. There's far more for the eye to see if you just take a few seconds to let everything unravel.  

Today's phones come with pretty amazing cameras that are nearly always within reach, at least it is for me because I'm glued to the phone more often than not! It's nice to have that reliability when you know you've got just a few moments to react. Take into consideration how news media all over gets a good majority of their coverage from eye witnesses that simply pulled out their mobile phone to record or capture. 

We want people to enjoy using a camera app that doesn't take an hour or day to learn, because when it's all said and done - what you're doing requires passion. Hopefully we'll be able to share some good tips and ideas so even the beginners like myself can improve upon their photography skills. Feel free to comment or send in blog topics for us to cover, and don't forget to #GesturesCamera!

Until Next Time - Shutter On!