Business Gmail Account

My partner and I were using to redirect all business related emails to our personal email accounts, and my inbox was getting a little too crazy.

Also I had to email back and forth with various service providers, but when I email them from my personal account, they don't answer my questions because my personal email address is not the one we used to open those accounts.

So I suggested using Business Gmail account to my partner and started the registration process, but then he said he already has a Business Google Apps account for free. So I canceled my registration process, and he tried to register our company domain name through his Business Google Apps account. But it said our domain name was already being used for another Business Google Apps account.

I looked up the FAQ section, and it said I have to wait for 7 days for our domain name to be released from the previous registration process I was going through even though I cancelled it.

So we waited for 7 days, and he tried again, but it still didn't work. I tried to call the help line, but it kept telling me I don't have access to the help line unless I were a paying customer.

I was trying to pay for the service, but for some reason, the payment section wasn't showing up on my screen when I signed in.

Anyways, I don't even remember how I exactly resolved the issue. Only thing I remember is that it took me about 5 phone calls, 3 Google representatives, and 3 weeks.

I ended up creating a separate Google Apps account and paid for it.