Kickstarter Plan

I've been reading a lot of articles and researches on other campaigns. And below is the plan I came up for the Kickstarter campaign plan.


Key dates:

  • Submit the Campaign to Kickstarter: Oct 8th
  • Kickstarter Campaign Period: October 14th (Mon) - November 16th (Sat)


I've based the dates on the following factors:

  • We will be getting the most traffic in the beginning and end of the campaign.
  • The highest traffic on Kickstarter happens during weekdays.
  • More people participate when beginning and end date of the campaign is around their pay days in the middle of the month.
  • We maybe able to get some video of the prototype by then so we can include it on our page and get around the Kickstarter restriction.




Until the campaign starts I'll get as many people as possible to sign up on our emailing list and join our Facebook fan page:

  • Facebook Contest: "Help us name a filter for $100 cash prize"
  • Hire interns to have people sign up (Pay $1 for every person)
  • Reaching out to someone at Dallas Morning News to see if anyone wants to write an article about our company.
  • I have about 10 meetup opportunities with various groups, so I'll get people to sign up as well.