Local Developers

Why is it so hard to find a mobile developers with entrepreneurial sprit in Dallas? Every one of them I talked to has either ignored my email or wants cash payment instead of equity. Don't they make enough money already since mobile development is a hot commodity in the market? Why aren't they investing their spare time in something that has potential to get huge in the near future?

I really tried to work closely with the developers in town, but I'm gonna have to outsource it to Ukraine development firm. If I'm going to pay my developers with cash, I'd rather pay $35/hr instead of $100/hr and have a security of working with a bigger firm. If my developer gets sick, the Ukraine firm would have 199 other developers to take his place and keep the project moving.

I've worked with a few development firms in various countries including Brazil, India, and Ukraine. Ukraine seems to have the best eye for design and attention to details, so I won't have to spend so much time pixel-dicking around.