Someone at the TEDxSMU event approached me and asked me if I was looking for investors to develop any of the concepts I presented. That got me thinking about actually building them.

So I searched for people who could actually build a devices I showcased in my concept, and came across this link: http://ecologylab.net/research/zerotouch/

I was pretty excited and contacted one of the guys on that team, but all I got from him was bunch of no's... No, it's not possible. No, it's too expensive. No, I don't have time. Well... to be fair, I guess I wasn't too prepared to answer some of his questions about getting investors and stuff... (Come on. It was my first time. Give me a break...)

Only thing I got out of it was that I can't just start building a device... I kinda knew that, but I was hoping I was wrong. So I decided to take baby steps and start with building the camera app first.