Music App

Using the same gesture language I used on GESTURES camera app, I whipped up a gesture-based music app UI that could handle all the features on Pandora. And it took me only 3 hours.

This is not about my design abilities, but about the replicability of our gestures language and how easily it can be applied to almost all the apps we use on our touchscreen devices and elevate our digital experience.


We no longer need traditional static interfaces that clutter up our limited screen spaces. We need to replace all the unnecessary buttons with simple gestures to make our interfaces minimalistic and beautiful while making our experiences simple, efficient and effortless. All the essential features can be available at our finger tips without having to reach across the screen or bend our fingers in an awkward way to tap on tiny little buttons. 

When it comes handling a large amount of information, such as songs on a playlist, we must consider displaying them organically in a fluid structure based on their relevance, rather than limiting our experience to a rigid grid or list views. Our information does not have to fit in a box anymore. Now it can be molded, arranged, and served to us purely based on their relevance, not based on the shape or size of our mobile devices.

With today's touchscreen capabilities and processing power, we are no longer limited by the technical limitations โ€“ but only by our old habits and outdated expectations.

Expect everything to be relevant, contextual, and interactive.