My First VC Meeting

I had a meeting with investors from Bridge 37 Ventures ( This was my first meeting with a VC firm.

I had memorized some lines from my pitch deck, prepared some videos, brought my prototype on my iPod Touch, did some researches on the investors I was about to meet, and I was ready to go.

But when I met the investors, they turned out to be completely different from the people I researched... Apparently their names are super common.

At first, I was panicking in my head because this wasn't part of the plan. But I decided to just tell them what happened, and it actually turned out to be a pretty good ice breaker.

After about one hour long conversation, they showed quite a bit of interest in what we are working on. They just want to see a little more progress, so I'm going to approach them again once the prototype is done. 

Even better news is that they are going to come and see me at SXSW next year where I'll be announcing the release of our app! :)