Audition Video

Last week, I found out that TEDxSMU is having an audition next month. It says I have to submit a short video of myself talking about my project.

I thought it was gonna be a piece of cake because I had a pretty good script with some help from my co-workers and good friends, so I just had to read it... or so I thought.

At first, I kept stuttering because I was talking so fast without breathing (That's what I do when I get nervous). It took me over 2 hours to get my first recording... and it gets worse.

That recording came out to be completely useless because I was using my laptop's internal microphone, but my computer got over-heated, and the sound of the computer fan over-powered my voice.

I tried using iPhone headset, but every time I said a word with "t" or "p" in it, it caused the audio to pop.

And I had to turn all the air conditioning off because the recording way picking up the ventilation noise.

So after about 5 hours being stuck in a steaming hot room in the middle of summer in Texas, I literally curled up in a ball and almost cried... (I might have actually cried, but no one saw :q)

After about 12 hours of wrestling with the recording and another 3 days video editing, I finally got the video ready. It's not perfect, but this will do for now...