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Sung Kim


We say our world is not square, and yet, we build our world in squares.
Change it.

He is @sungsgoogling on Twitter.


  • 51st Best Designer in Technology in 2013 by Business Insider
  • Lead designer for the Sam's Club Android app, Bud Light's first touchscreen site, Joinred.com in 2008, which was lauded by Bono
  • Optimized the 7-Eleven.com interior pages and restructured the Fedex Office Workstation login process that's currently being used nationwide



Roy Mitsuoka


Using his intelligence training from U.S. Army, he will seek out and gather relevant insights regarding latest technologies and help the company identify potential strategic partners, improve existing products, and build new products.

He is @surflightroy on Twitter.


  • Aided in the development of Firefox 1.0 & 1.5
  • Aided in the development of Ushahidi 1.0 for iOS – an open source software for information collection and visualization, designed to lower the barriers for individuals to share their stories, even when they are in remote parts of the world.
  • 4+ years of experience as an all source analyst at U.S. Army with top secret security clearance


Aus Sabado

iPhoneographer / GESTURES Street Team

Austin sees the future of mobile photography in GESTURES Camera. As a part of the GESTURES Street Team, he will be traveling around the world and exploring every street he encounters to capture beautiful moments in life with GESTURES Camera and share them with us.