Typical, Boring Night

It's now 11 pm. 

I put down my laptop to get some coffee.

Then I saw light peeking out of my grandma's room window. She was still awake, so I walked over to her room to say good night.

She told me to sit down for a minute. I asked why. She said she just wanted to sit next to me and see my face.

Then she started telling me the same old story she's told me a thousand times before. It's about some middle school girls complementing on my big ear lobes when I was a little kid (In Korea, having good ear lobes is considered a good fortune).

Then I said good night to her and proceeded up to my room.

My dog got up and greeted with her wagging tail. My wife was deep in sleep. She recently got a job at a no kill animal shelter. She's been working with big dogs in freezing weather outside, so her skin was dry.

I got down on my knees and brushed her hair with my fingers. I said "I love you," and she replied, "mmm ...ove mmm ...ou." I kissed her on her lips and left the room.

Now I'm sitting at my dinning room table with an iPhone over a coffee while listening to my mom washing dishes and asking me about upcoming birthdays for my wife and dad. 

This is my typical night at home. A typical night that, one day, I'm going to miss. From the light peeking out of my grandma's room window to her stories, my dog's wagging tail, the sound of my mom washing dishes, and planning for everyone's upcoming birthdays.

I've made many sacrifices to do what I do. I sold my car, moved into my parents' house, and use 90% of every paycheck for my startup company. But if anyone asks me what's the biggest sacrifice I've made for the company, I'll tell you that it's the story of my typical, boring night you just read today.